There will be no meeting September 2

yes Outreach update: It is amazing that we brought 8 clubs together and packaged over 72,500 meals.  Everyone should feel proud of their contribution to make that happen.  Working with people committed to the cause made chairing the event a pleasure – A big thanks to all from our club that attended!

yes Al Cross is working with Smiles for Kids in Need gathering money for 3,000 coats for children in district 6,000. Each coat is $16.11, and you can donate through October.

yes Carolyn Gibson is gathering school supplies for children in West Des Moines - donate supplies or money through the end of the month.

yes Sign up to make Root Beer Floats on August 16, with Linda Leave. All proceeds go to the Special Olympics


mail Send on your ideas for a signature West Des Moines Rotary event to President Mike Foss

We are still looking for two host families for Augustina, our exchange student, she arrives on August 17. Have you considered greeting her at the airport?



July 15th Meeting

Three Minute Speaker

Chad Eichorn is a new member and an attorney (located on university right by Jethros) specializing in Family Law.  Chad was greatly influenced by grandfather, and strives to bring generosity and creativity into all things.  He works to provide creative solutions in his practice.  He went to seminary school, and now often works with adults dealing with aging parent issues.

Today's Program

YESS's (Youth Emergency Services & Shelter) CEO Steve Quirk spoke about the shelter, the programs they provide and the dire need for the services they provide.  YESS has 60 beds, several which are required to be kept open just in case a child needs to be remanded to their care on short notice.  Approximately 100 kids go through the shelter in a month, and approximately 800 a year.  The shelter exists to provide children a safe place to stay when home is not an option, and has been in operation since 1973.

The shelter is open 24 hours a day, and has more than 140 employees.  They exceed their state mandate and provide more than three meals and a place to sleep.  One of their main services is counseling kids.  They receive over 2000 calls a year requesting a place for a child to stay.  There are several units in the shelter, from newborns to preteens (both girls and boys) to teen boys and girls.

Currently, they are adding 32 private rooms to the campus, and are always looking for volunteers to help "rebuild" these youth.  Interested in volunteering? Call Steve at (515) 243-7825.

July 22nd Meeting

Three Minute Speaker

Doug Hillman is a retired accounting teacher, originally from Illinois.  He spends his time camping (RV style of course), fishing, and traveling overseas.  He has written 13 accounting text books while he was teaching at Drake!  We spent sometime reminiscing about the beginning of the Rotary meetings in the past.  No one seems to want to bring back the opening songs that once occurred.  Thanks all for that!

Today's Program

Iowa DNR- Bruce Trautmam, the Deputy Director for Iowa DNR spoke about what the Department of Natural Resources does in the State of Iowa.

The three main goals for the DNR are to

1) create a healthy and safe environment to live work and play.

2) connect Iowans with nature.

3) improve the organization's performance.

The DNR maintains 87 state parks with 950 full time staff and 300 part time staff.