Newsletter for July 17, 2012

The Wheel, July 17, 2012


On July 10th, President Jamie Bunn presided over the annual meeting and installation of officers.  Past President and former District Governor Bill Reese conducted the installation proceedings.  The new officers of the club are:


Chris Nelson, President

Tom Narak, President-elect

Al Cross, Vice President

Jamie Bunn, Past president

Harold Hulleman, Secretary

Doug Hillman, Treasurer


And the directors are:


Mike Foss, Membership

Adam Nelson, Club Service

Tyler Price, Club Administration

Tom Narak, International Service

Norman Pogemiller,  Assistant Secretary



President Jamie reviewed the accomplishments of his year as president and thank the club for all the efforts especially the orange juice stand at the Des Moines farmer’s market and the bicycle project.   These have been great additions to the service projects of the club.


Jamie also thanked many club members for service to specific committees during the year, including Al Cross as the club’s webmaster, Peder Malchow on the dictionary project, Tom George and Tom Narak on the Xicotepec project, Adam Nelson on roadside pickup, Janet Nelson on school supplies, Tom Nelson on the polio plus project, Dana Petrowsky on the Christmas families, Jim Stafford on Sgt at Arms, Harold Hulleman on the bicycle project, Norman Pogemiller as assistant secretary, Todd Millang on the OJ stand, and Greg Kenyon on Bunny Harper golf tourney.


New President Chris Nelson reviewed the changes in the club over the last four or five years and saluted the efforts of the club member for the increase in service projects and of fundraising we are doing through the farmers market. He projected that the orange juice stand at the Des Moines farmers market might generate as much as $10,000 this year, a significant increase over the approximate $7,000 the club raised in 2008. Chris proceeded to mention a long term goal for the year 2020 of $20,000 raised.  He also talked about service hours of club members which have increased from approximately 300 hours in 2008 to over 900 hours in 2012. 


Chris also indicated in 2012 that the club would emphasize membership, and specifically in the areas of recruitment, engagement and retention. Mike Foss will chair the membership committee.


We are looking forward to another strong year with Chris taking over for Jamie. 


New Members and Perfect Attendance


President Jamie recognized the past presidents in attendance and new members and he and club secretary Harold Hulleman presented perfect attendance awards.  (Note:  A full list of the new members and members with perfect attendance will be included in an future edition of the newsletter.