Bulletin for July 23, 2013

Rotary Bulletin for July 23, 2013

Last Week’s Program:  July 16th was the annual installation of officers.  Assistant District Governor Lee Holmes joined outgoing president Chris Nelson and incoming president Tom Narak in the ceremony. 

Chris Nelson spoke about how much he enjoyed serving as president and how his wife Robin had predicted that shortly after joining Rotary that he might one day become president of our club.  On behalf of the club, we very much appreciate the service of Chris and the accuracy of Robin’s prediction.  It remains to be seen if her next prediction of Chris’s future as a potential district governor will come true.  Chris thanked many members of the club for their service including but not limited to the officers, directors and committee chairs.   And we thank him for his service.  Chris also noted the accomplishments of the past year.

Our New president Tom Narak shared the number of positive experiences that he has had in Rotary over the years, including one term as president of the Indianola Rotary club just before he moved to West Des Moines.  He continued the line of West Des Moines school superintendents who have been members of our club. His activities with our Xiacotopec project have really sealed his interest in Rotary as he has seen how Rotary can help break down barriers between people and countries.  He and Carol recently returned from the international convention in Lisbon, Portugal where they were among 25,000 attendees.  Tom mentioned how exciting it is to be in a space where 25,000 people are all trying to do good things. 

The following officers were installed for the 2013/2014 year: 

President:                                  Tom Narak

President Elect:                         Mike Foss

Vice President:              Tom Larson

Past President:                          Chris Nelson

Secretary:                                 Harold Hulleman

Treasurer:                                 Doug Hillman

Also noted were those persons with perfect attendance in 2012/2013:

Naura Godar, Tom Narak, Mark Reed, Adam Nelson, Janet Nelson, Doug Hillman, Harold Hulleman, Chris Nelson, Al Cross, Bob Start, Norm Pogemiller, and Greg Kenyon.

New members inducted during the 2012/2013 year include:

Mike Anderson, Laurie Connor, Shannon Duval, Jeremy Dyvig, Amy Fetters, Carolin Givson, Pat Grote, Chris Holman, Galen Howsare, Craig Ihnen, Trina Radske-Suchan, Lisa Remy, Bryan Rowland, Evan Starcevic, Sheila Treu, Brian Vahle, and Julie Younger.


Bill Reese, Past President and Past District Governor, is recovering from back surgery.  During his recovery Bill has attained the coveted title “master puzzle putter togetherer” according to president Chris.

Farmers Market OJ Stand:

Jim Rothermitch reported another very strong Saturday on July 13th and expressed great appreciation for the help from the Valley High School students. 

Hosting Opportunities:

The club is still looking for host families for our incoming exchange student from Mexico who will arrive in August.  If you have an interest, please contact Chris Nelson. 

School Supplies:

Janet Nelson announced the annual drive for school supplies through WDM Human Services.  You can bring supplies or write a check. The deadline to get school supplies donated or contributions for those is August 6th.  Those donations should be made to West Des Moines Human Services who distribute them to the students.  Janet also announced the root beer float day for Special Olympics is August 17th, 2013

Bunny Harper:

The West Des Moines club competed in the 2013 Bunny Harper but finished behind the Des Moines AM and the Jefferson clubs in the team competition.  The date for the 2014 event has been set for May 1st at the Coldwater Golf Links in Ames


Doug Hillman has sent invoices out electronically.  If you have not seen your invoice, please check you email spam filters.

Bike Project:

Harold Hulleman announced that he had 1,500 bike brochures printed and available for those who wish to promote the project.