Kristin Pike has requested her membership transfer to West Des Moines.

We currently have 84 members, President Foss has set the goal for 95 members by the end of his term.  Bring a friend and introduce them to the club!

RYLA is Rotary Youth Leadership Academy, a week-long event that works with teens to grow leadership skills in the context of Rotary. This event is this week, and Rotarians can attend July 15-17.

There is a dues increase of $25 per quarter, beginning this quarter. It is the first time we have raised dues in four years.  During this time Des Moines Golf and Country has raised our meal prices twice.

There will be no meeting September 2

Send on your ideas for a signature West Des Moines Rotary event to Mike

We are still looking for two host families for Augustina, our exchange student

Bring in school supplies for West Des Moines students now to August, Carolyn Gibson has a basket at Rotary each week.


3 Minute Speaker is Ken Kremer

He and his wife have been married for 47 years.  They have two sons, and five grandchildren.  Ken has a varied professional background in everything from edible casings to TV production to health care.  He is retired, and has many hobbies including computers, flying, and volunteering.


Today’s Program

Carol Seid the Associate Superintendent of Human Resources for West Des Moines Schools

She spoke about the Strategic Plan, Teacher Leadership and Compensation Program

This program set goals for 2-5 years.  The goals are as follows:

  1. Create a Culture for Learning
  2. Promote Professional Learning
  3. Enhance Teaching Learning
  4. System-ness

Twenty people were on this committee.  They determined there were five must haves for the teaching staff.  These must haves were: a minimum starting salary, additional coaching and mentoring, multiple leadership opportunities, a rigorous selection program and aligned professional development program.

West Des Moines schools was granted 2.8 Million dollars (amount determined by student population) This amount will pay for training and salaries.