Street Plant
Feb 01, 2022 12:00 PM
Mike Vallely, Professional Skateboarder
Street Plant

Mike Vallely is a musician, professional skateboarder, father, dog-dad and business owner.

We moved from Southern California to Des Moines, Iowa, a year ago. I had become aware of the city many years before, while passing through on tour, and made a mental note at that time: I could see myself living here. From the Sculpture Park downtown, across the Des Moines River into the East Village, I found the city to be welcoming and with a positive, energetic pulse. When I learned of the bicycle culture throughout Iowa, specifically in Des Moines, I knew this was where I wanted to live, put down roots, and make a life. The Lauridsen Skatepark opening downtown this past spring was serendipitous and more proof of the city’s dedication to not just being a political capital but a recreational one. My wife Ann and I are so happy to call Des Moines home, run our Skateboard Company, Street Plant, here in Iowa, and be a part of a soulful business community. We are Thankful for the Friends we have made since moving here, and we are Grateful for all of the support we have received throughout Iowa and the Midwest.

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