Tuesday March 18th, 2014
by Willis, Joe

ROTARY WHEEL for March 11th 2014
Editor: Joe Willis

Tuesday 03-18-14: DMGCC for Meeting

Next Scheduled Meeting


Last Week (03-11-13): Healthcare Reform

Danette Kobolt, Health Reform Public Relations Officer with the State of Iowa, shared some basic information about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and health reform.

Open enrollment is scheduled to close after 03-31-14.

ACA mandate requires that every eligible person carry the “Minimum Essential Elements Coverage”. There are ten elements of coverage. The following are forms of major medical healthcare coverage that satisfy this requirement:

  • Medicare
  • TRICARE or VA Medical Benefits
  • Medicaid
  • Hawk-i (Infant to age 19)
  • Employer-based health insurance
  • Major Medical purchased on the individual market

The alternative if an individual does not have “Minimal Essential Coverage” is to pay a penalty. The higher of:

  • 2014: $95.00 up to 1% of AGI
  • 2015: $325.00 up to 2% of AGI
  • 2016: $695.00 up to 2.5% of AGI
  • After 2016: Based on a different formula

Exceptions to the Minimal Essential Coverage requirements include:

  • The months you are incarcerated
  • Then months you can’t pay due to financial hardship.
  • The months you have a short gap in coverage (3 months or less, once a year).
  • The year if premiums cost more than 8% of you annual household income.
  • If an undocumented immigrant
  • Member of an Indian Tribe
  • Qualify for a religious exemption.

There are subsidies available depending on qualifications, and the cost can reduce 30% of normal premium and possibly as low as 6% of the premium. The minimum plan to qualify is the Silver Plan. Here are the Plans:

  • Platinum: 90/10 Split (Carrier/Individual)
  • Gold: 80/20 Split
  • Silver: 70/30 Split
  • Bronze: 60/40 Split


Three Minute Speaker: Anita Messerschmidt

Anita Messerschmidt owns and operates “EmbarkIT”. She has been in business for nine years, providing comprehensive services and products related to computers. This includes computers, laptops, storage and more. Contact: 800-440-1451

Anita is originally from Gregory, SD. She did her undergraduate work in Music and Teaching at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion where she met her husband, Rick.

After moving to Iowa, she taught Music and Vocals in the school system. They have two adult sons with three kids each. So Anita and Rick are proud grandparents for six.




CJC Big Band Plays Motown – Sunday, 03-16-14 (FREE)

Bob Start announced his big band will be playing a tribute to Motown music this Sunday at Java Joe’s on 4th St. in Downtown DSM, from

2:00PM to 4:00PM. It is just south of the Kirkwood on the same (west) side of the street. And it is ____!

Bicycle Donations and Repair

Harold Hulleman is looking for volunteers to help repair and refurbish donated bikes that we provide for kids in need. He is always looking for unwanted bikes too.

Please contact Harold if you can help: 720-6510.

Here are some scheduled dates to consider for repair work:

  • Saturday 03-15-14 9:00AM – 12:00PM
  • Saturday 03-22-14 9:00AM – 12:00PM
  • Saturday 03-29-14 9:00AM – 12:00PM

Bob Start donates his warehouse space for this service:

American Moving and Storage / 10400 Hickman Rd. in Clive.

District 6000 Training and Education – Saturday, 03-29-14

This is being held in Newton, Iowa on a Saturday from 8:00AM to 1:00PM. Anyone is eligible to attend, especially if you are holding or planning to hold a position in our Club. Contact any officer for details.