Mike Powers CFO from Iowa Credit Union


- Please update your profile on our clubrunner website.  Add your picture, it helps new (and old) Rotarians remember names!

- The Bike Project handed out 19 bikes at Clive last Wednesday! 

- Orange Juice stand is looking for volunteers at the early shift on June 22, and the late shift of June 29

- Know of someone in the Valley school district that has a high school aged boy?  They would be perfect to be a exchange student's host family!

- The American Diabetes Association's Father of the Year celebration is coming up June 13. Buy your tickets (or table of tickets) today!




Sargent at Arms

Amy Fetters is originally from Idaho, but raised in Iowa.  She has a Bachelors of Science in Construction Engineering from ISU.  She was a long time Weitz employee, but recently relocated in GTG, a design-build construction firm.  The firm espouses the beliefs from the Jim Collins book- "Good to Great".  Amy challenged us with Memorial Day (aka Decoration Day) trivia.

The Program

This year, the West Des Moines Rotary club gave out 6 scholarships, totaling $5600.  We gave 4 to Valley students, and 2 to Dowling students.  A few students were unable to attend the meeting, but we did have a certain Kara Nelson in the crowd.  In addition, Hannah, Ben and Emma joined our lunch.

Ben and Emma gave probably the best graduation speeches I have heard in my five years of listening to the annual "graduation speech" program.  Both speakers were wise beyond their years, spoke to truths about the human spirit, rather than just high school seniors and realized their audience at graduation went far beyond their peers. 

Ben spoke about nothing.  He made an important point essentially about not sweating the small stuff. Also included were some great jokes that Chris Nelson may try on you at a dinner party.

Emma shared with us the Bridge Builder Poem, which her grandfather imparted to her.  She spoke of the pillars of character and the importance of being a good and fair human being.