ROTARY WHEEL for March 27th 2012
Editor:  Joe Willis

March: Off-Sight Meeting Location Calendar
March 27    Sheraton at 50th & University  in  WDM                                                 

LAST WEEK 03-20-12:
Todd Millang hosted our meeting at Johnny’s Hall of Fame on 3rd and Court Ave. in downtown DSM. The meeting was primarily to discuss our fundraising campaign for 2012. Most of you know we used the Downtown Saturday Farmers Market selling fresh-squeezed Orange Juice and Breakfast Pizza in front of Johnny’s. This is a prime location for a stand since it is right in the heart of all traffic.


Here is some preliminary information:

  1. This is our annual fundraiser in lieu of burdening each Rotary member to sell or buy $100.00 in raffle tickets.
  2. Great way to get involved and have fun with other members and others (see # 13).
  3. The committee is headed up by Chris Nelson and Kurt Subra.
  4. Downtown Farmer’s Market is every Saturday beginning 05-05-12.
  5. The actual hours are 7:00AM to 12:00PM
  6. We will have two shifts: First Shift 6:15-6:30AM to 10:00AM / Second Shift 10:00AM to 12:15-12:30PM.
  7. Goal is for each Rotary member to commit to two shifts throughout the market season. Of course, if you can help more than this is always helpful.
  8. We will have better signage and disclosure to improve promoting Rotary and where the funds are going in the community.
  9. Carol, Todd Millang’s key employee handling the morning operations of Johnny’s will be available for us.
  10. There is a nice handout with details and procedures.
  11. The work-flow was re-engineered to simplify the process.
  12. Ideally want 5-6 volunteers for each shift. Some days all six are busy and some days 3-4 could handle it.
  13. Volunteers do not have to be Rotary members, as long as we have a shift volunteer as a member. Great way to include family, friends or prospects.
  14. Counting the Money after the market closes: Two Rotary members and one Johnny’s Hall of Fame employee.
  15. Eat (drink) breakfast or lunch at Johnny’s after you are done.




Senior Citizen Luncheon

Larry announced that this event will be on Saturday, April 14th. He will have a sign-up sheet for volunteers to help serve the chronologically gifted and others. Or call Larry at 270-0909.


Taco Boys are back from Xicotepc

Tom Narak and Tom George just got back last week from their trip to Xicotepc, Mexico. They will share more on this later. However, this is the tenth year of the project, and they were on the water project team. They used to help provide uniforms for two schools. Now they outfitted three schools.



Bicycle Donations
Thank you to Harold Hulleman for steer heading the bicycle donation project. 19 bikes were given away. Thanks to Bob Start for use of his moving company storage facility to work on the bikes preparing them for the kids. And thank you to those that volunteered to help fix up the bikes and give them away.


Mentors for Crestview Elementary Students
Crestview has made a request for 6-8 mentors to spend about an hour a week with a student. Please let the board know if you have an interest.


District 600 Conference
April 12th to 14th at Riverside Casino south of Iowa City. More details upon request.