Rotary Wheel for March 27, 2007




Janet Nelson will introduce Mary Sellers from the Science Center of Iowa. 



Russ Ver Ploeg will introduce our speaker who hails from IowaStateUniversity.  The speaker will discuss how the United States competes in the world market in the areas of science and technology.  He will also give us his thoughts on if we are losing our competitive edge. 



April 10, 2007 - Todd Millang and Jason Wolf will have a membership program.


April 17, 2007 - Dean Wenthe will introduce Rand Fisher of the Iowa Area Development Group. 



Bill Kalianov introduced RickTollakson, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Laura Montgomery, Executive Assistant, of CB Richard Ellis/Hubbell Commercial; Hubbell Homes; and Hubbell Renovations.    


Their program was the "Extreme Makeover - Home Edition" show that they did in Tama County, Iowa.  Hubbell Homes was the chosen company to put this home together (in just 93 hours)!  Originally, this was to be a back-up project for another show that was to be filmed in New Jersey.  At the last minute, Rick received notification that Hubbell Homes was the chosen company for this final 2006 show instead.    


A little bit of history:  the family that received this home lost their previous home to a fire in 2004.  This family of five was now living in a trailer with their three boys sleeping outside in tents.  At the time of the show, the site was essentially ready for building except for the fact that it seemed to rain constantly and the homesite was on gravel roads.  Heavy equipment, mud, and gravel resulted in quite a challenge in getting equipment, materials, and people to the site and working on the site.


Construction started on September 11, 2006.  The home was built without a basement due to the wet conditions and the timing needed to complete the home.  Other items of note:  a spiral staircase that was custom-made was installed.  While heavy equipment could have lowered it in through the roof, having 50 people carry it in through the front door makes for better TV.  As if the house were not enough, a new barn was also built along with a greenhouse. 


For more drama, combines were used to tear down the old barn and also for a demolition derby.  In the end, combines are not ideal for demolishing buildings and one had to be hauled away. 


In the end, Rick thought it was an excellent project, especially as a teambuilding exercise for Hubbell employees.  In addition to the Hubbell employees, many friends of the Hubbell companies also contributed money, materials, and labor to complete this project.  Would Rick do this again?  The answer was a definitive yes!  However, next time Des Moines would be the preferred location. 


Thank you to Rick and Laura for their program and for sharing the Hubbell Living Magazine and a DVD with all in attendance. 




West Des Moines Human Services - Senior Citizen Luncheon:

This is to be held on April 14, 2007 at the WDMUnitedMethodistChurch.  Volunteers are needed to help with serving and general lunchroom duties.


Social Make-Up Event:

...was last Thursday.  If you missed it and wanted to attend, too bad!  To get the next one on your calendar, you might visit with Jamie Bunn or Todd Millang for more information on upcoming events. 


Bunny Harper:

Scheduled for June 18th at the Indianola Country Club. Indianola Rotary is the host club for 2007. Contact Greg Kenyon if you want to participate in this event.


WDM Rotary Club Foundation:

Watch for more information from Tom George and Greg Kenyon.   


Adel Club:

Del Christensen from the Adel Rotary Club attended our meeting and shared information with us about a fundraiser they are doing to benefit the Rotary Club of Malali, Kaduna, Nigeria.  The plan is to build and equip a new clinic in Danbushiya, located in the Danhono village in northern Nigeria.  Total costs of the project are $15,700.  To raise this money, the Adel club is holding a raffle for a handcrafted leather rug made by artisans in Nigeria, West Africa.  If you would like to participate, raffle tickets are only $5.00 and can be obtained from the Adel club.  Contact Del Christensen, Adel Rotary Club, 317 North 13th Street, Adel, Iowa  50003 or call 971-0953 for more information.