This week we heard about Iowa filmmaking, and tomorrow we'll be hearing from the valedictorians and scholarship winners from Valley and Dowling.

Last week we had visiting Rotarians near and far- Des Moines, Marshalltown, Jefferson and Tanzania.

Congratulations to Carolyn Gibson, our club's newest member!


Reminder, you can always make up a missed meeting by attending a different club (listing of clubs and meeting times/locations HERE) or serving as a greater before our meetings.


Sargent at Arms

Our favorite Marshalltown member Bruce Vircks shared about himself.  He is originally from Wisconsin.  He is an audiologist, and works just down the street at the Wolfe Clinic.

He lives and works most days in Marshalltown, and has one of the coolest hobbies ever- he is a professional BBQ judge.  He also enjoys playing tennis with several Rotarians from the club.  He has two daughters, and one grandchild.

The program

We had the filmmaker Tony Wilson come share about his work on "The final season."  The film stars Sean Astin, and deals with baseball in Norway, Iowa. I wish I could fully encapsulate the program, but he shared so much that I think a stenographer would have been better served as the recorder!  The movie making experience is a wild ride, and Mr. Wilson experienced a great deal of setbacks and successes during his ride.

He is now working on a film on Ed Thomas, the late great Applington-Parkersburg coach.