We started out the meeting right with inductions! Welcome to Chris Holman and Amy Fetters! These  two new members (and five more soon) have put us so incredibly close to the goal of eighty members in the club.




Things to sign up for:

-          Has it been too long since you were last given a rousing applause from the group?  Sign up to be the three minute speaker with Dave Carlson

-          Give back to the community by handing out bicycles at Clive elementary this week with Harold Hulleman

-          Or.. join up with the newly formed Bicycle committee- to help publicize, repair and find bikes to be donated to the cause

-          Remember, sign up for the juice stand is still available, those not signing up will be assigned a date soon

3 minute speaker

Dr. Lisa Remy

Dr. Remy is the assistant superintendent of Human Relations for West Des Moines public schools.  She graduated from UNI with a bachelor’s in Elementary Education and Spanish, and later earned a Masters in Spanish and educational leadership. In the year 2000, she and her family moved to Des Moines.  She enjoys spending time with family and traveling.  It was Dr. Narak that introduced Lisa to Rotary, thanks for the introduction Dr. Tom.

Today’s Program

Our exchange student, Gloria Barbarino, provided the club with an entertaining presentation.  She is from Sicily, where her mom works at the parliament, and her dad works with a pharmaceutical company.  Gloria shared with us about herself, her family, her home town and her year in Des Moines.  From her presentation one could tell she had an incredible time while in the United States, made some great friends and is an open, bubbly, and friendly young lady.