Wheel 2-7-12

There will be a board meeting before the 2-14-12 meeting. Mark your calendars for alternative sites during March, as Des Moines Golf will be closed!!!!

Congratulations to Naura Godar on being a new member of the 40 under 40 Club!! (Naura thanked Linda Hulleman for writing a recommendation for her.)

Tyler Brady, our 3 minute speaker, wins the prize for combining the most major life events in one year! Last year he got married, is now an expectant father of a son, and changed jobs. He has taken a position in C.B. Ellis/Hubbell Commercial Real Estate. On the side, Tyler is a referee for basketball games. Based on his knowledge of the rules in his quiz, we learned that he is always right!

Our speaker, Stacy Sign (sp?), also had a quiz for us regarding the Blood Bank, which is now called Life Serve Blood Center. There are two locations in the Des Moines area, as well as locations in other areas of Iowa, and it supplies blood to 3 other states, as there are shortages on the East & West Coast. Since normal blood donations only last 3 to 5 days, there is constant need for donations. Newer machines, called "double red cell machines," enable donors to donate 2 units of blood at once. The average person who needs blood uses 3 units of blood, but I found it disturbing that 30% of blood transfusions are considered unnecessary, according to our speaker. In addition to the blood donations, LifeServe Blood Center has over 200 voluteers who prepare supplies, deliver blood & do clerical work. Blood drives organized by churches, companies & civic organizations supply half of the donated blood. Without increases in donors, however, by 2030, there will be widespread shortages.