Presentations and Announcements

Congratulations to our High school students of the month- this month from Dowling.  The president of Dowling presented Kelly and Mason.  He noted that volunteering and civic involvement is very important to Dowling.  Dowling currently is represented by over 45 zip codes, and 99% of their students go on to college.  Kelly is an incredibly involved senior.  Of her many interests, she noted that student council and best buddies were her two favorite activities.  Mason is also quite involved as a junior in several sports, and is a student ambassador for Dowling.


On our last outing of the Farmer's Market season the OJ stand made $540.  A solid showing for the end of October- total fundraising efforts will be announced at a later date.


Foundation dinner is November 9- it is in West Des Moines, sign up today!


Longtime West Des Moines rotary member Dave Carlson with Superior Printing and Promotion is the only authorized rotary dealer in the state. He has put together a great and affordable collection of NEW ROTARY ATTIRE!  Get online or call Dave to purchase today through November 15.


Approved membership for Brad Brown.


Three Minute Speaker

Mike Powers hails originally from southern Illinois.  He has an accounting degree, and currently runs the  Iowa Credit Union League.  He has lived in many locations around the Midwest, and moved to the Des Moines area about 5 years ago.  He has been married 35 years.  Mike joined Rotary for the opportunity to serve others. 


Today's Presentation 

Peter Wolf, a Senior operations analyst at DuPont spoke about the Strengths of Organizations.  His presentation centers on the Strengths Finder book that many organizations are using:


For someone that has worked at several organizations that emphasize the importance of strengths (finder), it was incredibly interesting to hear Peters suggestions on how to further an organization by building on your strengths rather than improving your weaknesses.  Wolf notes that the most successful people build lives upon greatest talents and invent ways to use talents.


Upcoming Speakers:

11/5 Tom and Tom on Xicotepec

11/12 Club Assembly

11/19 IAHSAA (Iowa High School Athletic Association)

11/26 Amanda the Panda