From the April 17, 2012 meeting:



The annual Rotary Youth Leadership Award conference was held April 17, 2012.  This was the final year that the event was being hosted by West Des Moines Rotary.  The reigns for this event will now be turned over to District 6000 and other District 6000 Rotary Clubs. 


The 2012 conference was held at Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines.  The event was a day-long leadership program designed for sophomore students.  Participants learned methods of responsible and effective voluntary youth leadership through this training experience.  Participants came from throughout our Rotary District 6000.  Included among the participants were 10 foreign exchange students representing five different countries. 


Special thank you’s are in order for the chairperson (Ken Angersola).  Without Ken’s contributions, this event could not have occurred.  Thanks are also in order for Linda Leave (who served as treasurer) and Bob Start (who served as the master of the soundboard).  The contributions of others were likely many.  Ken will likely recognize those that helped with this event at an upcoming Rotary luncheon.  



-          Memorial Golf Event.  Tyler Price mentioned that on April 28, 2012, a golf tournament in memory of his mother will be held at Copper Creek.  Please contact Tyler for more details. 

-          Bunny Harper Golf Event.  Greg Kenyon mentioned that June 4 is the day and Honey Creek is the location.  Clean off those clubs and practice so you can help defend our Rotary trophy!  If interested in golfing, please let Greg know. 


REMINDER - Northwest Rotary Club Fundraising Project:

Brad Helgamo from the Northwest Club was in attendance.  He shared information regarding a fundraising project:  The Charles Gabus Memorial Ride for bike riders of all abilities.  The ride will start at the Gabus Memorial Tree Park in Urbandale (next to the Urbandale Library) on June 23, 2012.  Rides are as short as 5 miles and as long as 70 miles with several options in between.  Cost is $10/individual or $25/family.  For more information, please check or call Brad at 689-0004. 


REMINDER - Bicycle Project:

Speaking of bicycles, don’t forget about our own bike project!  Per Harold Hulleman, we are still taking donations of good used bikes!  Help is needed to recondition them too.  Please contact Harold to sign up and assist. 


REMINDER - Farmer’s Market:

By now we have received the Farmer’s Market sign up information from President Jamie Bunn.  To make this project as successful as possible, please follow the instructions to sign up to serve!  If every club member does their part and works just 4 shifts (just two full mornings), that is all that should be needed.  Everyone needs to help!  The first Farmers Market is May 5!  You can register at Google Calendar.  Log on information is wdmrotary@gmail (or with the password of Market2012. 


REMINDER - Clean Up I-235:

Adam Nelson is again heading this up.  The date is May 5 and he needs a few more people to help out.  This is a great way to have family involved.  The plan is to meet at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines at 7:45 a.m.  The time commitment is only about 1.5 hours.  After that, you can enjoy the rest of your day and possibly check out the Farmers Market that also starts that same day!  Contact Adam if you can assist!