ROTARY WHEEL for March 20th 2012
Editor:  Joe Willis

March: Off-Sight Meeting Location Calendar
March 20         Johnny's Hall of Fame on Court Ave. DSM (Discuss Farmer's Market)
March 27         Sheraton in WDM                                                 

LAST WEEK 03-13-12:
Jamie Bunn introduced David Vaudt, Auditor of State, who spoke on “Budgeting-Iowa’s Future”. David did his undergrad work at Upper Iowa University in Fayette, IA. He joined KPMG accounting in 1976 and became an auditing partner. He retired in 2001, and then was elected as our State Auditor in 2003.

From 1980 to 2010, Iowa’s population level has remained fairly level at 3,000,000 people. Iowa’s revenue stream and expenditures tracked side-by-side until around 1990. At that time, expenditures started to increase more than revenue. Since 2002, we have had a constant increase in the Gap each year. 2011 budget will have an 18% gap.

David’s entertaining presentation dealt with reality (Iowa’s true total costs to pay for expenses). When expenditures exceed our revenue (taxes and fees), “fund shifting” has been our legislature’s method to pay the bills. For every dollar taken in by the State, $1.18 will be paid out.

The Feds could reduce their funding to Iowa, so we need to be prepared to control our own destiny.

  1. Property taxes are used to fund local government. We need to review how other states are handling this revenue stream to work out a better plan.
  2. More than 150,000 Iowans will be eligible for Medicaid and Iowa will be taking on more of that cost (10%).
  3. State employees are still on a Defined Benefit Plan with no contribution on their part. This should migrate to a Defined Contribution Plan.

The Good News-Concerted Effort to Run a Clean Ship
David said the Spending Gap is around $764 million, but the budget is trending down. 2012 Budget is planning on decreasing this Gap 71% to $220 million, or from 18% gap to 7.4%. In 2013, the planned budget will reduce this gap another 37% to $139 million.

Sgt. At Arms
Bill Reece was Past President of WDM Rotary Club in 1980 and Past District 6000 Governor 1994-1995. He is still active on a District level.

Bill was born in Jewell, Iowa in 1933. He was one of five kids living in a two-bedroom home with a wood-burning stove in the middle of the living room, and no plumbing.

After graduating from high school in 1950, Bill joined the Marine Corp for three years, including eight months in Korea. Married in 1954 and started his family. In 1954 they moved to Des Moines, where they put each other through college at Drake along with his GI bill.

Bill worked for a large accounting firm while his wife taught kids at Smouse and Woodlawn (special needs kids). In 1971, Bill started his own accounting firm. In 1996, he sold his interest to his partners.

We all know Bill has a heart. However, he has proof based on by-pass surgery in 1997 and 1999. Thanks for all your Rotary support Bill!


Senior Citizen Luncheon
Larry announced that this event will be on Saturday, April 14th. He will have a sign-up sheet for volunteers to help serve the chronologically gifted and others. Or call Larry at 270-0909.

Donations for Xicotepc
Tom Narak and Tom George are preparing for their trip to Xicotepc, Mexico March 10th to March 18th. Most of us already know this is to help a local community with the educational infrastructure. This includes better housing, water, uniforms, shoes and learning materials.

We are still looking for donations to help this cause. If you want to contribute a tax-deductible donation for this, please make a check payable to WDM Rotary Service Fund and give it to Harold Hulleman. For example, $60.00 will provide one child with two uniforms and pair of shoes.

Bicycle Donations
Thank you to Harold Hulleman, Bob Start and many other volunteers that helped distribute bikes to kids less fortunate. I don’t have an exact number of bikes, but know it is over 50 they repaired and fixed up for road use. Just check their fingernails for grease.   

Mentors for Crestview Elementary Students
Crestview has made a request for 6-8 mentors to spend about an hour a week with a student. Please let the board know if you have an interest.  

District 600 Conference
April 12th to 14th at Riverside Casino south of Iowa City. More details upon request.  

Swingers Summit 3
Bob Start’s big band music will be playing at Java Joes this Sunday afternoon. It is free!