D-6000 Endowment Fund Chair, Donald Goering joined the meeting as our featured speaker. Donald provided an overview of the Rotary Foundation and Endowment. All Rotarians are encouraged to support the foundation through Paul Harris Fellow donations of $100 per year. Our club average for 2015-2016 was $95.48 per member. We are also encouraged to support the Endowment as a benefactor or a member of the Bequest Society. The Rotary Foundation has a solid reputation and has been rated by Charity Navigator as a Four Star Foundation. As a Rotarian, our support of our Foundation enables the support of many causes that are important to our organization such as Disease prevention and treatment, Water quality and sanitation and educational literacy to name a few. We are a great club that is very generous in our contributions to Operation Warm, Our Bike Project, Xicotepec and many more great organizations. Our financial support of the Foundation is another great way to make sure this support is ongoing!