Posted by Greg Kenyon
Bulletin for West Des Moines Rotary Club
Bulletin Notes from 3/13 meeting
(for 03/20/2018 bulletin)
Save the Date - Des Moines Area combined Rotary event:  Chris Nelson reports that there is an area Rotary project scheduled on May 17th at Des Moines University from 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. Please make a note on your calendar.  Details to follow. 
Polio Plus:  President Brad reminded us of Rotary International’s goal to eradicate polio worldwide. There are less than 5 cases in the world, all are in Pakistan or
This is a significant achievement considering that in 1985 when Rotary International began this initiative there were over 39,000 cases of polio in the world.
On this topic President Brad announced a Team Rotary bike ride which is being held to raise funds for Polio Plus.  In this event, there will be four person teams riding their bikes across America starting in California on June 16th and ending in Annapolis, Maryland on June 23rd
Tree project:  Rotary has undertaken a tree project with a goal of everyone Rotarian planting a tree during the Rotary fiscal year.  This may include planting a tree at your home, or business, or participating in other tree planning projects, including contributions to other groups planting trees.  Our club has raised $1,500 to buy 50 trees at $30.00 each from the West Des Moines Parks and Recreation.   
WDM Parks and Rec is having a tree planting day on late April 28th.  Everyone is welcome.  Contact WDM Parks & Rec for details.  Also, WDM Parks and Rec has approx. 50 trees available for purchase at $30 each.
Because our club has budgeted club funds to participate in this project, your quarterly contribution to the Foundation of the WDM Rotary club is already helping to support this project.  If you wish to make additional financial contribution, or contribute your time or talents (green thumb anyone?) to this project, please see President Brad.
Literacy:  Committee chair Fred Maharry reminded us of the importance of literacy as a key to education in all phases of life.   Studies have shown that more literate people are more tech savvy, have better eye hand coordination and have greater technical skills.
Fred also mentioned that a work day is scheduled at the West Des Moines Schools Learning Center on April 20th at 6:00 p.m.
Bikes, Bikes, Bikes: Russ Ver Ploeg reminds us that a work day is scheduled on March 20th from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. at Bob’s warehouse at 104th and Hickman.  We need to get 20 bikes prepared for Indian Hills.
West Des Moines Senior Citizens Luncheon
Linda Leave announced that the annual Senior Citizen luncheon will occur on April 7th at the West Des Moines Christian Church.  This event is sponsored by the Church Opportunity Group (COG).  Our club has provided servers for this event for over 25 years.   6 or 7 people are needed to help serve between 10:45 AM and 12:30 PM.
Membership, Membership, Membership:
President Brad and Membership Chair KrisAnn report they had a great membership meeting last week with new members.  The next one is slated for March 28th at Nicks.
Toast to Rotary (District 6000 Annual Meeting): The annual District 6000 Conference is going to be presented in a slightly different format this year.  Rather than a single meeting over a couple of days at a single site, the conference will be held at different sites over the 3 day period from Thursday 4/12 through Saturday 4/14.   For our club members the closest one will be right in our back yard at the WDM Marriot on 4/14 from 5:30 to 9 PM.   Cost is $49 /person (if register before 3/31) and $55 after 3/31. You can register on the Rotary District 6000 website or the old fashioned way (ok, my way) on paper.  Registration forms are available from our club Secretary.
Bruce Vierks is retiring soon.  He has been encouraged by his two sisters to join them in California.  So he will be moving to California in a few weeks.  Bruce was (is) a member of the Marshalltown club, and has been making up with our club for many years. He thanked the club for our hospitality to the West Des Moines Club.  It was great to have you among us Bruce.  Best of luck!
Gary Garles is a senior landscaping designer at Bob Lenc Landscaping in Des Moines. He is an ISU graduate in horticulture and also has a degree from Buena Vista in business.  Gary is a Des Moines native and most importantly the father of our own Diana Weishaar.
Gary reminded us that all trees originated in the forest and they thrive in community.  Following up on his comment about the communication between trees, he indicated that trees cooperate and will not compete with one another.  If you are planning to plant trees, multiple trees will be healthier than a single tree.  Scientific studies have established that the trees actually communicate with one another.
Gary mentioned that one of the challenges that exist for tress is that they compete with grass for nutrients and trees versus grass is an ongoing battle.  He also mentioned human “predators” that damage the trunk and branches, plant trees in appropriate places, and generally speaking fail to care for the trees.
He recommends planting the tree with 12-15 inches of topsoil and plenty of mulch.  The mulch ring around the tree should be the same as the width of the branches to
allow nutrients to work their way down to the roots. 
Trees are often overwatered. He suggested that instead of water homeowners should use a concoction that he referred to a couple of times as “manure tea”.
Gary, thank you so much for this informative program.