Bulletin for July 26, 2011

Last week:  This was our club assembly day.  Each of the directors spoke briefly about their responsibilities as well as the opportunities for others to participate through the committees.  The directors and committee chairs, and a short summary of their comments are below.


Larry Everett, on Community Service Projects.   Because Rotary is a service organization, this was a great place to start.   The projects which are on the agenda for the club during the 2011/2012 fiscal year include:


May / October – Hiway cleanup

April – senior citizens luncheon, the dictionary project, and the reading program

August – root beer floats for Special Olympics

November – serving Thanksgiving dinner

December - Salvation Army bell ringing, the adopt a family holiday gifts


And new projects that were commenced last year and will be continued:


Wildwood Ranch – timber removal

The bicycle project

Booster packs for school age children

The orange juice stand at Des Moines Farmers Market.


Tom Narak is the chair of International Service.  He was unable to attend and immediate past president Todd Wishman ably filled in. Activities in this area of service include:


The Xiacotopec project in Mexico

Inbound exchange students - we are looking into hosting one, and maybe two, inbound students in the Fall.

Outbound student – our club is sponsoring Jerrin Crowell of WDM.  Jerrin is going to Brazil.   If you would like to communicate with Jerrin, his email address is Jerrin_crowell@yahoo.com.


Mike Foss is chairing Club Admininstration.  Mike highlighted the following 4 items:


  1. Continuing our tradition of having outstanding speakers at the meetings.
  2. Communication with members through the web page and the bulletin
  3. Continuing to develop internal relationships among club members through service activities, including, but not limited to the orange juice stand at the farmer’s market.


Adam Nelson substituted for Chris Nelson and addressed membership issues including


Recruiting new members (each current member is encouraged to invite at least one new member to the club)


Keeping current members engaged, and communication of members of expectations (i.e. this is service club, so we expect everyone to serve)

Encourage attendance at meetings, participation in service projects and consider a mentor program for new mentors.


Club announcements:  Medical issues at the Hulleman house.  Harold is having (or has just completed) knee surgery, and Linda had been hospitalized recently as well.  They could both use some encouragement.