Rotary Bulletin for July 24, 2012

Last Week’s Program:  Tyler Brady introduced Laura Hollingsworth, the President and Publisher of the Des Moines Register.

Ms. Hollingsworth has been with the Register for 5 years. During that period of time there have been significant changes in the media business in general and also at the Register.

She talked about the multiple platforms of media which are now available, and how the Register has made its products available across the current spectrum, including smart phones, tablets, and the web in addition to the traditional print version. She noted that a person with a subscription may sign on to the Register website to activate one or more of the other platforms.

This array of delivery services is the process through which the Register will continue “to serve the greater good of communities” pursuant to its vision of being a catalyst for change and being at least partially responsible for resulting growth in the communities.

Iowans and central Iowans in particular read the paper.  Ms. H indicates that a recent study shows that in the 4 county area of central Iowa, 72 % of persons 18 and older read the daily paper.

She noted that the only constant in the media business is “change”.  She anticipates many more changes to come and noted that the Register plans to move its physical plant housing approximately 600 employees to a new location in the downtown area later this year.

Thanks for an informative program Laura.


Naura Godar announced that the downtown Des Moines club is hosting an event in conjunction with the World Food Prize on Thursday 7/26/12 at 6 PM and has invited other area Rotary club members to attend.  Naura will be sending a reminder e-mail to get a head count for this event.

President Chris Nelson thanked Harold and others who participated in the WDM  4th of July parade and encourage the club to consider committing to a similar or greater level or participation in 2013.    He also mentioned that the OJ Stand continues to have steady sales, and encourage members to sign up for the few openings which exist on the calendar.  Chris mentioned it is rumored that District Governor Terry Geiger will visit the stand on 7/28 so let’s get the “A” team ready.

It was also reported that the book, Rotary, the Iowa Influence, authored by WDM member and past district governor Bill Reese in 1997, is available through the Rotary website.

Janet Nelson requests 5-6 members to assist with the root beer float project for Special Olympics.   Janet also reminds members to bring school supplies or cash donations for school supplies by August 8, 2012.

2011-12 New Members and Members with perfect attendance:

New Members

Peter Ansingh                           July 2011
Allison Carlson                          February 2012
Ben Chiochon                            December 2011
Mike Green                               June 2012
Russ Hamilton                           February 2012
Mark Reed                                November 2011
Jim Rottermich                          December 2011
Jan Vonderhaar Pautvein            October 2011

Consecutive Years of Perfect Attendance

One Year                                            Seventeen Years                               
Jamie Bunn                                           Al Cross
Norm Pogemiller
Mark Reed

Two Years                                          Twenty Years
Adam Nelson                                         Bob Start

Three Years                                        Thirty One Years
Janet Nelson                                          Greg Kenyon
Russ Ver Ploeg

Four Years     
Doug Hillman                                                                                                               
Harold Hulleman                                                                                              
Linda Leave                
Chris Nelson