Bulletin for July 19, 2011 


Last Week:


Harold Hulleman introduced our speaker for the day, Travis Acheson.  In Harold’s words, during the day, Travis is a mild mannered insurance executive.  On nights, weekends and other occasions, he suits up as a fighter pilot for the Iowa Air National Guard.


Travis is a WDM native, and while in college, followed his father’s footsteps into the Iowa National Guard. To say that Travis is enthusiastic about being a pilot would be a gross understatement.  He absolutely loves flying, and the specifically flying the F16.  He has been on several deployments to the Middle East and shared some stories of his experiences, and also provided insight into the operation of the jets- “they are basically flying computers with armament”.  From super night vision, GPS, radar and laser controlled weaponry, we learned of the incredible capabilities of the F16.  In fact, listening to Travis, you could conclude that it is a bargain at $30 million per plane.   As a pilot in the guard, he is held to same standards as the full time Air Force pilots.  He clearly relishes this opportunity.


Travis is clearly the kind of person we want on our side.


Thanks to Travis for all of your service, and to Harold for bringing him to the club.





Orange Juice Stand:  This continues to be a great project for our club.  Kudos to Jamie Bunn, Todd Millang, and Wishman for their leadership and to the members of the club for enthusiastically supporting this effort.   It was reported that on Saturday July 9, for the second consecutive week, we sold out of product about an hour before the noon ending time.   If you have already served a shift or two, thanks.  If not, please go the website noted below, go to any of the Saturdays and write in a shift or two. 


Having served a few shifts I can attest that it is fun, you get to know your club members a little better, and it gives our club a great public relations opportunity, all while raising some money for our other humanitarian causes.  It’s a win, win, win, win.


Bob Start informed us that former member Merle Baumhover continues to suffer from emphysema and would certainly appreciate a call or a note.


Doug Hillman reported on behalf of the scholarship committee that he received a nice thank you note from scholarship recipient Mia Nelson. 


New member Tom Nelson was our three minute speaker and Sgt. at arms.  Tom is Urbandale native, and an ISU grad.  He is a mortgage lender with Mutual of Omaha bank in Des Moines.  Tom is married (happily for 10 years- “not bad out of 20”), and has 13 year old twins.   The best part of his job is making a positive difference in people’s lives.