Bulletin July 10, 2018
Bulletin Notes from 6/26 meeting
On June 26th we had the last meeting of the fiscal year which was therefore the last meeting of outgoing president Brad Brown.  Thanks for a great year Brad.
Next Meeting is on July 10th:  Reminder that there is no meeting on July 3rd.  The next meeting will be on July 10th.  This meeting will feature “passing of the gavel” from Brad Brown to Bill Fry along with an induction of the new board members and officers.
Polio Plus:  No new cases reported. 
Literacy Program:  Fred Maharry reports that the committee is in full swing preparing for next year and invites any one who wants to participate to contact him as they can always use a few more readers. 
Bike Program: Russ Ver Ploeg has completed his service as the chair of the bike project and is “passing the wrench” to Zach Stubbs.  A big thanks to Russ for his service on this committee Russ.  The club members will all need to continue to support Zach as he takes the lead on this worthwhile project.
Interact:  Bill reported that ZoElla and some other members of the Valley High School Interact club will be joining us on July 17th.  Please make note on your calendars. 
Sergeant at Arms:  Garrett Reynolds served as a Sergeant at Arms and entertained us with interesting questions on the banking industry. 
Member News: 
Phyllis Staplin, a member of our club, died on June 28th.   Phyllis was a huge contributor to the arts programs at Valley High School.  So much so that the recently built performing arts center is named in her honor.   Services are Tuesday at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in WDM.
Former member rotary club member Charles Vandenburg died on June 11, 2018 at the age of 93 years of age.  During work life Charles was a second generation owner  operator of Vandenburg Drug Store in Valley Junction.   He served our club in a variety of roles over the years.
Program:  The program was presented by Mikayla Sullivan.  Mikayla is a recent ISU grad.  She and a friend started a company called KinoSol.  The focus of her company has been to minimize food waste and, at the next level, to help farmers in developing countries earn more income.  The company is a “specific benefit company meaning they put people before profit.
KinoSol has developed a simple, solar driven, inexpensive device to dry foods.  This will help farmers in developing countries store their food longer, eliminating food waste and providing an additional income source for the individuals. 
KinoSol has 250 units in place in 44 countries.  You can contribute $13.00 to sponsor a device on their website. If you sponsor a device, you will be entered in a contest to win a trip to Tanzania. 
More information can be found at KinoSol.com concerning the company. 
Thanks to Mikayla for making a difference!