1.        Farmers Market –Don’t forget to sign up for farmers market shifts. As a reminder, we are asking for each member to volunteer for four shifts. This is a great opportunity to raise funding for our causes as well as get to know your fellow members.

2.        Root beer floats for Special Olympics – Janet Nelson is looking for a couple volunteers to help make root beer floats for the Special Olympics on Saturday August 20th. If interested contact Janet Nelson for more information.

3.        Tom Narak announced that our exchange student is arriving on Monday the 15th. As always we are looking for opportunities to get involved with our students.


3 Minute speaker/Sergeant-at-arms

            Naura Heiman Godar presented a brief update and had the two following changes to report: 1. Her son Henry is now 4 years old. 2. She is still married to Ben.

            Following that Naura provided some trivia about the Iowa State Fair which begins tomorrow. (Hopefully everyone knows that!) One interesting fact is the biggest crowd attracted was during a Sonny and Cher concert. The attendance was 26,202 people packed in to listen to the sweet serenades of this 1970’s duo!


Today’s Guest Speaker

            Marty Lester from Mentor Iowa presented today. Marty is the executive director of this private 501c3 entity. Mentor Iowa provides guidance to children in need of assistance to enhance their self-esteem, stability, and chances for a positive future. The organization has been around since 1974, when it was originally called Volunteers in Probation. The major service provided for children is mentoring which comes in the form of volunteers who spend six hours per month with a matched child and commit one year to the program. The goal is to provide a positive role model for children in need in hopes of guiding them to make positive decisions. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or would like more information please contact Marty at 515-277-9797 or