Rotary Wheel for July 14, 2009

West Des Moines Rotary


Minutes of Meeting - July 7, 2009



Last week featured the installation of new officers and directors for the Rotary year.  Tom Larson presided over the meeting and signed off for the last time as our exalted leader.


In the course of the meeting, members were recognized for their participation in community service activities, for service to the club in setting up the meeting, obtaining speakers, contributions through the Paul Harris Foundation, and for perfect attendance.  President Tom specifically thanked Harold Hulleman and Todd Wishman for the efforts as Secretary and Treasurer, Jim McCarl and Charles Vandenburg for the help with set up each week, and Al Cross for keeping the website current (among other things).


Past President Doug Hillman presided over the installation giving the oath to the new officers and directors.  The officers for fiscal year beginning July 1, 2009 and ending June 30, 2010 are:


President                                            Linda Hulleman


President-Elect                                 Todd Wishman


Vice President                                   Doug Hillman


Past President                                    Tom Larson


Secretary                                            Harold Hulleman


Treasurer                                            Linda Leave


Membership Director                       Joe Willis


Club Service Director                       Todd Sanftner


Club Administration Director          Jamie Bunn


International Director                       Tom Narak



For his year in review, President Tom pointed out one of the highlights of the year, which included contributions from our club, and the district to Polio Plus.  On a local level, he congratulated the club on its efforts in scholarship and literacy, the annual RYLA Program and the continued support of Xicotepec, Mexico.


Incoming President Linda expressed thanks to the club for being elected and for sending her to the international convention.  She is eager to carry out the theme of the Rotary International president "the future of Rotary is in your hands."  She plans to emphasize attention to membership, including not only recruitment, but retention, as well as continuing our efforts in community service.


Past President Bob Start served as Sergeant-at-Arms and provided a lively quiz concerning "Past Presidents" in the form of Jeopardy questions.  Bob also gave a brief autobiographical summary, which included growing up in Omaha, living in Kansas City and the last 20 years in Des Moines.  Bob and Sheryl have been married for 28 years (all blissfully happy according to Bob, no word from Sheryl).  They have two children, a son at Drake and a daughter at Johnston High School.  Bob joined Rotary in 1993 and has had perfect attendance ever since.  Bob enjoys tennis, snow skiing, sailing, and participating in big bands. When he is not doing any of these things he operates his business, American Moving, which engages in commercial and residential moves and record storage.