Bulletin notes for 3/26/2019
President Elect Jeff Kimball reminded us that the cup proceeds will be used to help with child abuse prevention efforts and encouraged us to give generously.
Polio Plus: President Elect Jeff reminded us of Rotary International’s joint effort with the World Health Organization to eradicate polio worldwide.  Four cases have been reported this year in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Jeff had reports on the Polio Plus contributions from District 6000.   Leading the way was the NW Rotary club with over $4,000 contributed.   Our club was in 8th place with $846.   Let’s set a goal to do more next year.
Grant from District 6000: 
Event:  Laura Halse Anderson visits and participates in West Des Moines Reads
When: April 24, 2019 from  5:30 to 9 PM  Indian Hills Junior High School Auditorium
            April 25, 2019 for High School Students 9:30 to 10:30 AM at Valley High School
       5th to 8th Grade Students  11:30 AM to 12:30 PM at Valley
Rotary Youth Leadership Activity:  We are sending five (5) students from the WDM School District this summer.  
Membership:  A reminder of our membership goal of 60 by June 30, 2019, the fiscal year end.   Reminder to all to please bring a guest /prospective member.
Bike Project:  A Bike Giveaway is scheduled for April 19 at Indian Hills Middle School. In order to prepare for the giveaway there are two work nights scheduled – 3/27 at 4 PM and 4/2 at 4 PM.
Rotary Youth Exchange:  We are looking for a host family.  We are partnering with the Des Moines Noon Club for the 2019-2020 School year.  This is part of the Exchange process as we need to help support an outgoing Valley Student.
Interact Club:  Next meeting is March 28, 2019 at 3:30 PM at Engstrand’s Room #2137. 
Student of the Month:  We are reviving the student of the month recognition beginning in April.  Our member (and WDM Schools Superintendent)  Lisa Remy will coordinate visits from students from WDM Valley and WDM Dowling over the next few months.
Last Week’s Program:  A few of our members shared information about why they joined Rotary, their hobbies and other pertinent information.  Here is a brief summary of their comments:
Tom George:  Tom claims to be older than dirt. ( We know that is simply not true.  Older than rocks perhaps, but not dirt).   Tom’s family has been in the WDM/Valley Junction area for generations.  Tom graduated from Valley, and from U of I and played baseball at both.   He has practiced law in the Des Moines area for over 40 years. Tom has also been involved in many community projects and committees related to schools and education and served as an assistant baseball at Valley for many years.   
Tom has served the WDM Rotary club as a board member and president, and has made the trip to our sister city in Xiacotopec ten times.  A few years ago Tom was recognized by the WDM Chamber as its Citizen of the Year.  Tom received the benefits of service in the form of volunteer coaches and others growing up and believes it is our duty to do the same.
Fred Maharry: Fred hails from God’s country – Creston, Iowa.   He pursued higher education at NW Missouri State and Drake.  He began his career as a teacher and moved into administration retiring as school superintendent in Alta Iowa in 2011.  Fred is now active in renewable energy and has been a champion for literacy, leading those efforts for the WDM Rotary club since joining in 2013.  He has also been active in other club activities and echoed Tom George when he talked about the importance of giving back. 
Some questions about renewable energy led to a very interesting discussion about solar and wind energy and the pending legislation in Iowa which appears to favor Mid America energy at the expense of smaller players.
Fred’s wife Robin is a dietician. They have two adult children, Robert, the editor of the newspaper in Grundy Center, Iowa and daughter Emily, a teacher in Urbandale.
Warren Verdeck:   Warren is from Marshall Minnesota, home of Schwan Dairy.  Warren worked many jobs growing up – paperboy, bagger in grocery store, farm work – before going to college on a Rotary scholarship to become a pharmacist.  He then pursued a medical degree, and served as a medical officer in Germany (stationed in Dachau) in late 1960’s, before obtaining additional training and practicing orthopedic medicine until his retirement in 2015.  He and his wife have a blended family of 7 children, 5 of whom are in DSM area.  Warren cited several hobbies – music, golf, wood carving and history – and has been an enthusiastic participant in service events for our club.  Warren believes that he has a duty to give back (pay it forward, if you will) as repayment for the Rotary scholarship he received.