West Des Moines Rotary Bulletin for July 16, 2013

Rotary Bulletin for July 16, 2013

Last Week’s ProgramTyler Price introduced our guest speaker David Jamison,  the executive director of the Iowa Finance Authority. 


David provided a history of the Iowa Finance Authority as well as explaining many of its programs. 

The Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) began in 1975.  Its mission is to provide affordable housing while stimulating community involvement and private economic development.  The IFA  began in 1975 with a grant from the federal government and currently has $2.8 billion dollars in assets under management.  Initially, it was a lending source for first time home buyers.  


Under the umbrella of the Iowa Finance Authority there are several programs.  The programs include Housing Iowa, Iowa Agriculture Development, Housing and Urban Development Section 8 housing programs, Title Guaranty and On-site Wastewater Assistance Program.

Since 1977, over six hundred thousand homeowners have been assisted in purchasing their first home with the help of IFA.


David explained that the investments made by Iowa Finance Authority are made around the stat.  A recent study indicates that the investments by IFA closely tracks the population in the state of Iowa. 

Thank you for an interesting program David. 



4TH of July parade

Harold Hulleman announced that he had plenty of company on the 4th of July parade.  Allison Carlson won the WDM Rotary award for the most participants from a single family as Allison’s entourage included her husband and children, and her parents.  Others participating included  Adam Nelson, Chris Nelson and his wife and daughter.  One of the parade walkers suggested that Harold drove the parade route a little too fast.  Or were the parade walkers walking too slow? I will leave that for the Sgt @ Arms to sort out.

Outgoing Exchange Student:

President Chris recognized the outgoing exchange student Jordan Hutton from Valley who joined us for lunch.  Jordan will be going to Brazil in a few weeks.

Hosting Opportunities:


Linda Leave has agreed to host some Ames Rotarians who will be coming through during RAGBRAI next week.

Part Two:  Exchange Student

The club is still looking for host families for our incoming exchange student who will arrive in August.  If you have an interest, please contact Chris Nelson. 


Adam Nelson is putting together an orientation meeting for new or newer members.  The orientation will take place at Chris Nelson’s office on July 18th.  Lunch will be provided.  A separate e-mail will be sent concerning this event.  (Editors Note:  This observer noted that while Adam was called on to make this announcement, he stood and in a remarkable display of ventriloquism made the entire announcement without moving his lips.  Due to his extraordinary ventriloquistic skill, Adam made it appear that Chris made the entire announcement.  Lets watch for further performances by Adam in the future). 


Three Minute Speaker and Sergeant at Arms:

Tyler Price has been a member of our club for nearly four years.  Tyler grew up in Earlham and attended Iowa State University and earned a degree in finance.  He has worked in commercial real estate with R&R Investors in the Des Moines area since graduation. 


The last twelve months have been very busy for Tyler. He became engaged about a year ago, and married in December of 2012.   In addition to his work at R & R, he also started farming with his father. Tyler mentioned that between his day job and working on the farm that he works approximately 6 ½ days a week, leaving plenty of time for his new spouse. 


Tyler gave provided an interesting quiz on agricultural production issues in Iowa.  We are clearly very well educated as Tyler had difficulty stumping the group.  Among the facts Tyler shared we learned that the population of people in Iowa at 3.1 million is outnumbered by both cattle at nearly 4 million and hogs at nearly 6 million.