Bulletin for West Des Moines RotaryJanuary 30, 2007
Last Week

Initially, gaming was only allowed on cruises, which led to some interesting (some may say) strained interpretations of "cruise". Over the years there have been many amendments to the gaming laws which have effectively eliminated the cruising requirement.

There are 17 gaming facilities in Iowa which generate $1.2 billion in gaming revenue. Wes described 6 ways that the gaming industry benefits Iowa economy.
1. Funds thousands of charitable bequests with millions of dollars annually.
2. Purchases more than $182 million of products and services each year from Iowa based businesses.
3. Pays over $288 million in local, county, state and payroll taxes every year.
4. Employs over 9400 people of whom 6589 reside in Iowa, with an annual payroll of nearly $263 million.
5. Adds value to tourism and entertainment industries, hosting over 19 million visitors each year.
6. Annually purchases millions of pounds of beef, pork and poultry, along with other ag products in support of our agricultural producers.
Thanks for a great program Wes.

Four members moved from red to blue badge status. This signifies that these relatively new members have each completed the activities outlined by the board to advance beyond the "new" member status. The new "blue" members are Ryan Wedemeyer, Ken Angersola, Jennifer Jaskolka-Brown, and Melanie Roe. Well done to all!

New member quiz:
This new member recently won a weightlifting competition by bench pressing 627.5 pounds. His name?

Sgt at Arms
Missing an opportunity to quiz the club on THE sporting event of 2007 (The Bunny Harper District Golf Tourney, of course), the Sgt interrogated the membership on Super Bowl trivia. We learned that Billy Joel will sing the national anthem, Prince will provide half time entertainment; a 30 second commercial costs $2.5 million; and was watched by 141 million people in 2006. To which I say Bear Down Chicago Bears!

Speaking of Champs:
The Drake Bulldogs are champions of men's basketball in the State of Iowa, as a result of their thrashing of the UNI Panthers on Saturday.

Party time:
Dana Petrowsky and Janet Nelson are co-chairing a party to celebrate our club's 80th anniversary. A date has not been confirmed but they are considering late February or early March.

RYLA redux
Ed Minnick needs a couple of volunteers to help read essays from RYLA. The winner will receive a nice cash award. If you are interested in helping out, contact Ed.

Speaking of Champions, Part Deux:
Greg Kenyon reports that the 2007 Bunny Harper District 6000 golf tourney will be held on June 18, 2007 at the Indianola Country club. As the defending champs we will be the target of all the wannabes. So golfers please mark your calendars.

Cold Season Greetings
President Jason encouraged to greet fellow members but to dispense with normal handshake during cold season. We have used elbows and feet (Sorry Al, no noses). Be alert for this weeks contortionist challenge.

Quiddity Committee to meet:
The Quiddity Committee, also referred to as the Past Presidents, are reminded of a meeting of this august group scheduled for 1/29 at 11:15 AM.

Answer to Quiz: Todd Frank